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 Yang Qing graduated from Beijing Dance Academy with Bachelor of Art in Ballet. She is the founder of Shenzhen Twelve Months Ballet School and currently the deputy secretary of Shenzhen Dancers Association, and the executive director of China Children's Song and Dance Association. She has been teaching children's ballet for 25 years, and developed "Yang Jing Children's Ballet Graded Teaching Standard." She is also a registered teacher of the Chinese Dancers Association, and obtained the qualification certificate for ballet teachers of Beijing Dance Academy.


She won the title of "Outstanding Chinese Artist Contribution Award" by the European Dancers Association. Every year, her students have a 100% pass rate in the ballet exam of the Beijing Dance Academy, and a 60% excellence rate. Participate in and undertake hundreds of beneficial activities, which are deeply supported and recognized by governments at all levels. Won the title of Outstanding Art Volunteer in Guangdong Province. Support hundreds of poor students and build five Hope Libraries.

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