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Dear friends:
Hello! Art education, especially the art of dance has been paid more and more attention, today, the dance is a synonym for fashion, beauty and confidence. Through learning the dance, she not only make the human body becomes tall, lithe, coordination in the imperceptibly, and can let a person with a noble temperament and elegant form! The children in the beautiful dance can learn cooperation, confident, optimistic, the cultivation of music understanding ability, improve the art expression ability, but also cultivate children a hard-working spirit and firm and indomitable perseverance.
Dance is a ruby art crown, elegant, graceful, full of artistic charm. Let the children feel the dance beauty, let the children show the elegant demeanour in the dance, let the children in the healthy growth of the joy of dance, which is that we always uphold the "happy dance"!
Dance is an important part of quality education, is the children's group of entertainment, dance is not every child's occupation dream, but the dance can leave unforgettable memory in a child's life!
I love education, love to dance, love and children immersed in joy and passion of dance in the vast sea, more love, church heritage beauty and create beauty dance career!
Let us wish the children have a beautiful dance in the world!

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