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 Ballet Training School in December
Shenzhen December Ballet Training School is a formal private teaching institution, which takes caring for the physical and mental health of children as its own responsibility, to guide beauty, discover beauty, create beauty and experience beauty.The school has a professional team of teachers and a spacious and elegant dance rehearsal place.The school has independently developed a set of teaching system, using which children benefit a lot.So here is the first choice for children to learn to dance, and here is the palace of achieving children's dream of dance art.Our dance teaching integrates performance, interest and professional as one, so that children do not suffer from rigid and boring mechanical body movements, can enjoy the art, understand the art, and fully enjoy the happiness brought by dance.
Our school many times to Germany, Austria, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other countries and regions to participate in dance art exchange activities and events, and with the dance company, New York dance, Broadway dance center, Taiwan Chinese dance association, Hong Kong international dancers association, Liaoning ballet, Shenzhen ballet, and many other domestic and foreign famous dance professional colleges and universities and professional troupes established friendly relations.Signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Berlin National Ballet School in Germany.On behalf of the Chinese folk art troupe, our school has gone to Austria to participate in the non-professional group competition of the Vienna Ballet Modern Dance Competition, and won the "Best Performance Award" and the "Best Team Award".In the 13th International Dance Festival and International Olympic Dance Competition, our school won the third place in the youth group.In 2017 and 2018, he participated in the 7th and 8th Singapore International Dance Festival on behalf of China and won the group gold medal.In 2018, he represented China in the Perrin International Ballet Competition and won the Best Group Award.
This performance will perform part of the original children's ballet drama fragments and classic ballet variations produced by Shenzhen December Ballet Training School.The youngest actor is only 3 years old.
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