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Graduated from the Beijing Dance Academy, an outstanding young Chinese dancer, personally inspired by his unique and innovative choreography and inspired educational ideas, in "Art China", "With the music beat and dance the life of the song - young dancers ---Foundation. The director has staged many large and medium-sized evening parties across the country, and has directed many outstanding works to win national, provincial and municipal gold awards.

Director's work:
He is the executive director of the 12th World Tourism Miss Queen's Annual Queens China Finals; the executive director of the World Tourism Miss Ba Gua Festival Gala; the general director of the Guangdong Fucai Art Troupe to commemorate the first anniversary of the earthquake-resistant party; Executive director of the opening and closing ceremony of the Minority Games. The editorial representative: The original work "Dragon Teng Huyue" won the gold medal of CCTV Harmony and Spring Festival Evening Youth Art Competition; the original work "Theatrical Corner" won the silver medal in the dance of the CCTV National Art Competition in the Yashili Cup; the folk songs and dances "Sounds of Painting Sanjiang" won the Guangdong Province The second prize of the 9th Art Festival.
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